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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
Trending Wedding Jewellery This Season

Trending Wedding Jewellery This Season

The wedding season is upon us. Playing dress up, to look your best, is the reason we love the wedding season so much. This is the time to flaunt your wardrobe and all those heels and cute mojadis. Your jewellery game has to be on point! A contemporary style is your vibe, but you want the jewellery to capture your rich culture and heritage too! There are very many jewellery styles to choose from and it could get very difficult to choose one. We have a simple list of the trending wedding jewellery this wedding season. Read on and get fashion forward, be the life of every wedding ceremony and rock your social media posts!

Temple Jewellery

South Indian brides love temple jewellery. The intricate motifs are so fine and unique, they consist of images of Gods & Goddesses carved on and are considered to be really auspicious too. Pair your temple jewellery with Silk sarees or lehenga choli to feel ethereally beautiful.

Temple Jewellery Necklace - Trending Wedding Jewellery this season


Naths are traditionally worn by brides, but they have become a rage amongst the guests this wedding season. Pair your outfit with a clip on nath or a lavish big rajasthani nath to complete your Indian look! These trendy naths are a part of the Saaj collection.


Kundan jewellery is so old school that it has become like an heirloom jewellery piece. Being Obsessed with Mughal & Rajasthani jewellery, Kundan & Jadau jewellery is the trend this wedding season. Everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone is wearing Kundan And Jadau work. You can get these latest trendy jewel pieces at Saaj at less than a quarter of the original price. You can pair your ethnic mehendi and sangeet looks with Kundan Jewellery, but with a bit of imagination and creativity you can pair Kundan Maagtikas, neckpieces or earrings with a western gown for the Bachelorette Party or even the Reception you’ll be attending next week!

Statement Earrings

Big statement Earrings which cover your neckline are big on the trending list. Check out these gorgeous Christmas tree shaped earrings.

Statement earrings work best when they are worn by themselves. Don’t clash them with a big necklace, if you have to then wear a single strand of chain as a necklace. Let the earrings highlight that wedding glow you got going, So what if it’s not your wedding? Glow like the sun with statement earrings for sure!

American Diamond Earrings - Trending Wedding Jewellery this season

Oxidised/Resort Jewellery

Navratri fever is still high, Oxidised jewellery have became a staple this wedding season. Exuberant, antique yet so creative. Oxidised jewellery speaks the language of this generation. It is a haute trend to go for the rustic look. 

Another Trend this wedding season is that of beach resort jewellery i,e beaded jewellery which gives a fresh dewy look. Check out some of the trendy pieces at Saaj.

Oxidised Necklace -Trending Wedding Jewellery this season

Pearl Jewellery 

Some things never go out of style. This the case with Pearl Jewellery. A Moti Dhaga necklace paired with Georgette saree, you’ll look magnificent for sure! Pearl bangles and bracelets are timeless, be elegance personified wearing Pearls this wedding season. Family heirloom always has one pearl jewellery, if not visit Saaj for exquisite pieces like these.

Antique Pearl Necklace -Trending Wedding Jewellery this season


They’re super trendy this wedding season and why shouldn't they be? They’re quirky to wear, yet so Indian! They work as a conversation starter! Add a hint of mystery & glam to your look instantly with nifty earcuffs.


Chokers have been around since Egyptian Pharaohs roamed the earth. They’ve surpassed the test of time. They are enigmatic and versatile. You will surely stun everyone at the wedding parties you attend, yet be low-key. They are so trendy this season as are short necklaces! Check out these beauties. 

Stone Choker Necklace - Trending Wedding Jewellery this season


Diamonds are forever. Ain’t words truer than those. Diamonds are big this wedding season as they were last season and the year before that as well. You cannot go wrong with classic diamonds. They are shimmering globes of perfection, every woman wants diamond jewellery and they are perfect for all the wedding sagas in the evenings and into the wee hours of the night. 

Bling It

All the trendy jewellery pieces are available at Saaj, buy these gems of pieces today and be the diva at every wedding scene this wedding season!

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