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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10

About Us

The Takle family started their first foray in the jewellery business in the 1910s; headed by the late Shri Wamanrao Takle in Saraf Bazar of Nashik, Maharashtra. Through the ups and downs of Independence, The Gold (Control) Act, 1968 and The Emergency of 1975; the Takle family has proven its dedication to providing the right product to the customer for the right price to this day.

Saaj brings that experience of customer service and product curation to the needs of the 21st century internet consumer that wants beautiful and yet reasonably-priced jewellery bought from the comfort of their home. Saaj is focused solely on the growing imitation jewellery segment of the jewellery business.

About our Company

Saaj is a trademarked brand-name owned by Takle Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. created to serve the needs of the online consumer for high quality and fairly priced imitation jewellery.

Takle Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. also owns and operates a high-street, three-storey store that has sections for gold, silver, imitation jewellery and diamond jewellery. The store is on College Road; a high-end commercial area in Nashik.

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