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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
Saaj - The Modern Take on Imitation Jewellery

Saaj - The Modern Take on Imitation Jewellery

When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you're wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything. 
- Maria Sharapova

Leading a mundane schedule day in day out can be boring. Eating ice cream in this cold weather might give you just some temporary joy. How about some fashion upgrade? Spruce up your wardrobe,  it’ll work wonders for you. 

Have a makeover with modern, trendy jewellery to add that spring in your step. Fashion embodies a vibrant artistic expression. Saaj takes that expression and gives it a modern spin, with edgy jewellery which has a way to communicate to others.

Gold Jewellery

Gold is considered to be traditional and worn on formal occasions like weddings and such, but Saaj has spun this golden necklace around and turned it into a snazzy happening piece. Have a look at the modern twist to this traditional temple Jewellery design.

Lakshami Necklace Saaj—The Modern Take on imitation jewellery

Or this funky American Diamond neckpiece which gives a diva aura to your overall appearance. 

American Diamond Necklace Saaj—The Modern Take on imitation jewellery


Leg kadas are sported as an armlet too. Saaj has a variety of bracelets and armlets which let you be dipped in tradition while letting your creative side fly with peppy jewellery like so.

Golden Oxidised Leaf Bracelet Saaj Ghungru Jhumki Bracelet Saaj

Funky Earrings

Take these golden oxidised earrings, aren’t they a perfect blend of old and new? Modern take on traditional jhumkas, give it another lease of life.

 Gold Oxidised Jhumki Earring Saaj

Modern Mangalsutras 

Be a new you, when you change your outfits daily, why wear the same mangalsutra daily? With Saaj, pick out funky yet traditional mangalsutras to go with your daily wear and add a sparkle to your outfits.

American Diamond Mangalsutra

Modern Earrings 

Plain gold earrings are traditional Indian jewellery must have. Did you know, with a tweak to the designing Saaj has made gold earrings multifaceted popular earrings like these?

Plain Gold Earrings Saaj   Plain Gold Earring Saaj

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are thin, dainty bracelets usually lined with precious diamonds in a single line. These modern bracelets are designed at saaj specially for you in white gold and good old yellow gold. Match them with your office wear to get a professional swag on point.

  Tennis bracelets Saaj

Pearl necklaces

We know what you’re thinking. Pearl Necklaces and modern? They have a royal ancient look to them which makes them regal and resplendent pieces only to be worn on milestone moments. Saaj breaks all stereotypes and believes you must get to wear your favourite jewellery types wherever , whenever you want.

Presenting the heart of the ocean for you! Breathable and fresh-dewy like the glow on your face. Try this necklace out today, and we guarantee you’ll make heads turn wherever you go!

Pearl Necklace At Saaj

Modern Outtakes

Saaj is the voice of today, Modern imitation Jewellery is fashion forward and ready to be updated with trends taking you forward on your fashion diva journey while maintaining your bank balance as it is so pocket friendly, it’s practically a steal. Do browse through our varied bespoke jewellery pieces & get yourself a present this new years today!

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