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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
An introduction to all types of Jewellery at Saaj - Bracelets

An introduction to all types of Jewellery at Saaj - Bracelets

The word ‘bracelet’ comes from an old Latin word ‘brachium’ which means arm. Although, that isn’t when bracelet was first discovered. It goes back to the stone age when someone realised that wearing a vine on the wrist can look pretty. The original term for for bracelets was bracels. Bracelets have their traces back to Asian, Greek, European culture. They have evolved from being made of grass, small tree limbs and shells, to plastic, brass, copper and other metals like gold and platinum. 

The trend of bracelets boomed when manufacturers started to use less expensive materials and designed the bracelets with a trendy look. Bracelets are not only a trendy accessory but they also add refinement to your outfit and the way you look. Today there are a variety of bracelets to choose from. It is necessary for you to know about these bracelets if you are gonna wear one. Here is a guide to help you choose from a variety of bracelets to match your varied outfits.

1.Oxidised Bracelets

These bracelets look old, worn out and vintage and that is the best part about them. Oxidised bracelets are made up of silver that is oxidised using various chemicals. You can wear oxidised bracelets with your vacation or summer outfits. They may have random patterns and designs but we suggest you to choose something minimal and decent. 

We have very many oxidised bracelets at Saaj. Pick your fav and style it as per your vibe.

Oxidized Bracelet Saaj

2.Designer Bracelets

Expensive and fancy. These bracelets are made from expensive diamonds and stones to make them look, rare and luxurious. These bracelets can come customised but would cost a fortune to get them made according to your wants. The distinguishable feature about these bracelets is that they are like no other and are one of a kind. These can be small or large but unique always. If you do own any of such designer bracelets then save them for the best occasions and maintain their rareness. Match them with your expensive ball gowns and designer dresses to show off and flaunt at them evening parties. You deserve more. We know you would love to own multiple pieces of designer bracelets and we at Saaj bring just that to you. These bracelets cost way less, are of great quality and give you that same luxurious look.

Rose Gold Emerald Bracelet Saaj

3.Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are mostly thin, single line bracelets with elegant looking diamonds. Tennis bracelets have got small diamonds in them that glitter and shine. These bracelets come in different prices to match your budget, so you can easily find one that will accommodate you. Check our tennis bracelet which you can match with your daily outfits and can wear them at parties, office, college, etc and they will look as pretty as you. 

Tennis Bracelets Saaj

4.Chain Bracelets

Made of chain links these bracelets come in various sizes and have a classy look to them. The bracelets are fancy and can be worn with most your ethnic outfits. Chain bracelets are made of gold, silver, platinum and other metals, though we have fashion chain bracelets which are pocket and style friendly. They also fit almost any wrist size as they are all accommodating. Now, doesn’t this bracelet look like a must have addition to your jewellery box?

Chain Bracelet Saaj

5.Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are wide and thick bangle-like bracelets. They have a small opening to them to easily put them on and are comfortable on your hand. They come in a variety of finish materials like metal, plastic and leather. These bracelets can be worn with modern outfits. Check out the oxidised collection at Saaj for Cuff bracelets, we know when you’re in a rush to get to the office you would want to slip on a bracelet at times and cuff bracelets are your go-to ones then.

6.Delicate Bracelets

Like the name suggests Delicate bracelets are thin, single line and delicate. These bracelets are made of gold and silver. These bracelets look thin and delicate and that's what makes them stand out from the rest. Although these bracelets are casual, they look very classy and elegant. Some of these bracelets have gemstones and other small gentle diamonds. These can be worn with your expensive fancy outfits but must be taken care of, as they are fragile. We have very many delicate bracelets ranging from moti to diamond work bracelets.

7.Kada Bracelets

Kada is a thick bracelet worn by Indian Sikhs. This bracelet signifies power and faith. It is also worn as a fashion accessory. Kada bracelets comes in different sizes for both men and women.They are mostly very plain and simple with loose ends. Kada bracelets can be worn with modern outfits as well as traditional outfits and they will still look beautiful as ever.

Kada Bracelet Saaj

There you have it, 7 types of bracelets that you know you can pair with all the outfits you have and stand out from the flock. We have curated bracelets for your many outfits, visit us at Saaj and add this accessory to your collection today.

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