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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
How to Up Your Look for a Party with Saaj

How to Up Your Look for a Party with Saaj

Okay, so you’ve got your hair done & blow dried them, gotten a manicure, went shopping with your girlfriends and picked up the perfect dress to make those heads turn at the party. You are standing in front of the mirror adoring it all, but something’s still missing, right?

We know just what it is. It’s the bling bling on you!

A perfect piece of jewellery is what adds that cherry on the cake. Choosing an ideal necklace and an exquisite pair of earrings can be a difficult task.

Fret not we got you covered to flaunt your jazz and sass for the party.

So, let’s divide it into two sections:

‘Casual’ for partying and hanging out with friends & family on weekends.

‘Formal’ for a sophisticated look at office parties to exhibit that professionalism you got.


Dig out your jewellery box and look for the most polished and shimmering piece of jewellery you got. Chunky and shiny jewellery can add swagger to your look. 


You can wear colourful bead necklace that matches your outfit and goes with your style. If you opt to wear a big bracelet, go for a minimal thin necklace. You don’t want to look too decked up for a casual party.

You can also try either a statement necklace or earrings, never both.

Bids Necklace Saaj


Colourful earrings can add a pop to your attire if you’re wearing something too minimal like a plain little black dress.

Remember, you want to look lively and happy in the party


Pair cuff bracelet with a small simple ring. Either use same colour palette to add balance to your outfit, or wear colourful thick bangles. 


Big rings catch people’s eye and you want that. Get a ring with a huge gemstone unless you are wearing a thick bracelet; then you would want your ring to be small and cute-looking.


For formal occasions, you have to look minimal, sophisticated, elegant yet interesting. Look for the most minimal and thin jewellery. Your jewellery should say a lot without looking too much at such parties. Delicate looking jewellery is the go-to jewellery to look professional at formal parties.


Nothing says timeless charm like a long diamond studded necklace with a small beautiful pendant. A thin silver chain paired with other long necklaces will also add grace to you.

American Diamond Necklace Saaj


You can rock a tennis bracelet with a ring and give off a luxe vibe. A thin bracelet can look precious on your hand.


Earrings will complete your look. Go with a pair of studs or modern earrings. You can also wear ear climbers to add enough edge to your outfit.

Plain Gold Earrings Saaj


Keep it simple with a small diamond ring. As simple as it may look, it will add pizzazz to your look. 

So there you have it, the perfect way to take your dressing game to the next level for all the parties you’ll be attending. We at Saaj understand your style and have got a huge collection of jewellery for you to choose from. Visit us at Saaj for the best imitation jewellery and rock the New Year’s Party like a boss queen.

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