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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10

Rings: An Underrated Piece of Jewellery

Usually the smallest piece of jewellery in a woman’s attire are rings. Rings are dainty & precious and surely add elegance to your outfit and your personality.. A lot of women often pass on rings, either because they look too showy or don’t show at all.  Many do not know what kind of rings to wear with the right clothes.

Worry not, we made this perfect guide for you to follow so you can rock all kinds of rings with all of your favorite dresses in your wardrobe. And we assure you that this overlooked jewellery can change your dressing game forever

  • The Minimal & Easy
  • Most of us usually spend half of our day in casual wear everyday. So  it is important for you to stand out from the crowd without looking too gaudy or too showy. Minimal rings are the best for such. Simple designed earrings can add some extra jazz to your otherwise boring casual wear and make you look unique. Go for a thin silver ring with very little design or absolutely no design or intrications at all. If you are wearing warm colours, prefer a plain golden ring


  • The Bold Chic
  • As the name suggests, ‘statement earrings’ are big, loud and scream uniqueness. No matter your outfit, the ring is always there to make a statement. Chunky silver statement rings are in trend and go with most outfits. They can be as simple as you want or as intricate as you wish. These statement earrings can be any colour you wish but should also match the colour of your outfit. Statement rings will fill you with confidence and sass. And oh! Be ready to receive all the compliments throughout the day!


  • Stackable Ones
  • If you wish to look original and out of the ordinary then stackable earrings is the way to go. In the world of fashion stacked rings are trendy and look amazing if worn correctly. Not only they look pretty but you can also purchase a set of these thin rings and mix and match them with other rings and choose the style that works the  best for you. The only ground rule to follow while buying these earrings is, keep them delicate and simple. Huge and complicated ones can kill the look you are trying to achieve here.

  • Ones with Gemstones
  • Gemstones never go out of style. Gemstone rings can add a pop to your outfit. You can choose to go with simple plain old black gemstones to maintain a minimal look or you can go for a poppy summer look by matching the colour of the gemstone with the colour of your outfit. These rings can easily refresh your dresses and jazz up your monotone outfits that you wear on a daily basis.


  • Details Matter!
  • These kinds of detailed rings are only to be worn when you are attending an occasion, glam nights and dinner parties where you would wear long beautiful dresses. Rings will take your outfit game up a notch and surely will turn some necks. Delicate, dainty and detailed is the way to go. A diamond ring or a silver ring will surely add a pinch of grace to your dress. 

    Okay, now thank us later! Get yourself some rings for the next time you go out. We have a collection of beautiful fashion rings to match your style at Make sure you follow us on our social media accounts so you don’t miss out on more such info blogs. Here are our social media accounts:




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