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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
How Saaj has Changed the Way Women Shop Online

How Saaj has Changed the Way Women Shop Online

Gone are the days when you would have to get up from your bed, dress up, get ready to go shopping, look out for the best shops and find the perfect jewellery that matches your style and budget. The Internet has taken over the world, from social media to online shopping; the internet has influenced our lives. Online sales have been growing steadily over the last 5 years and have quadrupled since 2014.

One such growing market in the e-commerce industry is the jewellery market. According to McKinsey and Company, Asia has the biggest market for jewellery and is set to double from 6% to 12% by the year 2020. The expectations of the consumers are rising and the jewellery market has become very competitive.

The online jewellery market has seen a surge in the number of players. Having some offline experience helps gauge what the customer expects from fashion jewellery. Takle Jewellers with 80+ years experience has an upper hand of sorts.

Saaj, a sub brand of Takle Jewellers has made its name in the online fashion imitation jewellery market. The easy to use and aesthetically pleasing website, allows you to browse through tons of jewellery to suit your style and go with your budget. 

The website is simple and easy to use for an average user to find just what they want. Everything on the website is well categorized and put in drop down menus. The website also has quick previews of the jewellery and beautiful pictures to exhibit its charm. The quick shop option on the page gives you a sneak peek of the product that you wish to buy without actually visiting the page. What’s more, Saaj also provides free shipping for all products all over India.

The website also has a trending section where you can find the trending jewellery and know what’s in. No matter what occasion Saaj has jewellery for all of them, categorised as per your needs. What’s more there is a modern twist to the traditional jewellery. Collection ranges from Bridal to Resort jewellery. Saaj also has a beautiful collection of differing finish pieces of jewellery: Beads, Kundan, Plain Gold, Oxidised and so on.

Saaj keeps a modern take on fashion jewellery and understands the wants of new trends. The sleek, stylish and decent jewellery can be worn on casual occasions as well as professional occasions. You can rock this jewellery at the office everyday without clashing with your professional outfits. 

The various filters like finish, stud, length and categories of jewellery i.e. bangles, necklaces, earrings and so on reduce the browsing time of the modern women who want to shop easily and browse through sections quickly as they’re always short on time. 

Bracelets are considered to be typically traditional, worn only with traditional indian wear. But there is always a scope of making it trendy. 

These delicate bracelets go well with your chic professional wear.

Saaj has funky oxidised earrings and neckpieces which would make anyone want to have one of these for themselves.

The easy to use interface and simple steps to place the order makes shopping online a stress free and truly fun activity. You can do this sitting at home wearing pyjamas and munching on a delicious pizza! 

Saaj has revolutionised the way shopping is done online and empowered women in a way that is so liberating and forward thinking.

Come visit Saj and experience the edgy new way of shopping online.

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