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10 Ways to Wear Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are those pieces of jewellery that you probably admire a lot but hesitate to wear on the daily. Or maybe you spend half of your morning deciding the best combination to make a look-worthy outfit. Or maybe you just can’t find the right outfit that goes well along with your chunky, attention grabbing statement earrings!
Whatever the reason be. We have jotted down a list of 10 super easy ways you can rock your statement earrings confidently and for sure make some heads turn at work or on that special weekend date.
Check it out.

1. The Basic Black


Black outfits are notoriously favored by many women. Adding a pinch of colour pop to these classy plain old black outfits can make up for an unique outfit. Go for bold and colourful statement earrings that will be the main highlight of your outfit.

2. Denim Jackets


Denim jackets often make you look raunchy and bold. Adding a bit of femininity to it will always stand out and look unique. Combine your denim jackets with black midi skirt and wear simple yet chunky statement earrings along with it.

3. Boho Look with Turquoise Earrings


The boho summer outfits always tend to make you look lively and full. To complete the Boho look, choose a light coloured boho dress, preferably white and pair it with turquoise earrings to complete the outfit. You can also go for other coloured statement jewellery but make sure that the colour of your statement jewellery compliments the colour of your outfit.

4. Off Shoulder Top with Ripped Denims


Off shoulder tops paired with ripped jeans and huge statement jewellery can make up for a cute outfit. Pair it with a chunky bracelet and a cute handbag and you are good to go for a weekend day out!

5. Tassel Earrings & Pattern Top


Patterned tops often make you look like a free spirited woman, jolly & happy with no care in the world. Now mix it up with pretty black tassel statement earring and you look like you’re straight out of the movies!

6. High Heels

Denim shirt, denim pants, high heels! The perfect outfit. BUt you know what adds the cherry on top? Long and delicate pretty statement earrings. Pair your all denim outfit with high heeled shoes and long earrings and we are sure you will make some heads turn.

7. Silk Dress


Silk soft dresses look classy and rich. To add to it, pair them with big, sparkly and shiny statement earrings and step up your game. These statement earrings add a little boldness to your otherwise delicate and simple silk dress.

8. Over-sized Shirts


Aren’t over-sized button shirts just lovely? Comfortable, modern and stylish, they have it all. Pair them with a pair of long and simple statement earrings and rock that raunchy modern day girl look!

9. Star Statement Earrings

How do you glam up your slick black dresses and grab some looks? Star earrings are the answer. Shiny & showy star earrings look perfect with your black dresses especially if you are attending a night party or a girls day out on the weekend.

10. Match it with your dress

Another great way to rock your statement earrings is to match the colour with the outfit you are wearing or wear complimenting colours. For eg: If you are wearing a blue dress, wear blue statement earrings. Or go for a contrasting colour like black or purple and you sure will look absolutely gorgeous.

There you have it girls. The perfect hand guide to rock your statement jewellery any day to make them wonder how your fashion game is out of this world! Follow us on our social media handles to stay updated with the newest trends in fashion jewellery and more such fashion tips. Here are the links:




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