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Hoop Earrings To Amp Up Your Look

Cute, elegant, modern, fashionable and everything pretty at the same time, hoop earrings have found their way in every woman’s jewellery box. Hoop earrings not only look absolutely pretty but add that extra bit of chic jazz to your outfits. Hoops are all time green. The trend that boomed in the 90’s, is still relevant and adored by many women. With so many variations to choose from these days, it gets more and more confusing to pick up the best hoop earrings that go along excellently with your style.
Worry not though! We made a list of different styles you can try to wear your hoop earrings with confidence and look pretty as ever, no matter what the occasion is, we have made sure you rock your hoop earrings
Check it out..

1. The Hipster Look

hipster-look-saajFirst of all wearing hoop earrings as a statement jewellery will pull a lot of attention and will be the main highlight of your outfit. So make sure it goes well along with what you are wearing. Pull off the hipster look by wearing a plain pitch black top with ripped jeans and a dark red lipstick with big hoop earrings. Although it may look dramatic it will grab a lot of attention. Also, don't forget to style your hair accordingly, because you ‘have to’ show your hoop earrings off!

2. The Boho Inspired Look

To get the cool gypsy or the bohemian look, select big shiny hoop earrings and pair them with similar looking long necklaces. This look is incomplete without a hipster top and denim shorts or your favorite ripped jeans. Don’t be shy to accessorize at all! Get yourself a headwrap or a bandana which is also very cool and fashionable now-a-days. In addition, tie your hair up in a messy bun and wear a thick kada bracelet with it to complete the boho look.

3. The Modern Chic Look


The modern day chic look is all about simplicity and suitableness. You can’t wear too fancy hoop earrings that might kill the look. Instead opt for simple minimalistic looking geometric shaped earrings. Go for hoop earrings that have more of a subtle, decent and fluent look to them. You can wear such earrings with your formal wear or even with your office attire and it will not look out of place. These earrings tend to make you look decent and professional so the colours of these earrings should be cool, mostly silver or other such muted colours.

4. The Timeless Classy Look


It’s not necessary to always wear your hoop earrings as statement jewellery, instead wear them to accessorize your looks and it shall look nice. Small hoop earrings can be a cool addition to your outfit and make it look more distinguishable and interesting. In this case you’ll have to choose the smallest and cutest hoops you have. To complete the look wear a thin necklace and a cute little tennis bracelet that matches the pattern or the colour of your hoop earrings. Most of the small hoop earrings look professional and are the best for professional settings like college and offices but can also look good at social gatherings or a weekend out.

5. The 90’s Look

The-90’s-Look-with-hoop-earrings -saaj       The-90’s-Look-with-hoop-earrings

The 90’s were all about big hoop earrings, over sized sweatshirts and big glasses with the all time green denim dungarees. This look is trendy nowadays. To rock this look, choose the biggest hoop earrings you have got and style your hair in such a way that you show off these pretty hoops. This look isn’t complete without over sized sweatshirt and denims. We are sure this hit of pretty nostalgia will surely make some heads turn and gain you undivided attention with a dozen compliments.

There you have it girls, the perfect cheat book to rock your big hoop earrings, the next time you go outing! If you liked the blog, let us know in the comments and we will come up with more such helpful ones for you!
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