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What does your jewellery say about you?

‘Dress to impress’, this age-old saying says a lot about how people use clothing, jewellery and fashion in general, to flaunt their personality to the world and create an identity, a persona for themselves. People have been using jewellery for ages to decorate themselves. What jewellery you wear and how you choose to glam yourself up speaks a lot about you.

Have you ever wondered, what impression the jewellery you wear leaves on people? Or are you yet to decide what your style is? In this blog we look into different styles and what they say about you.

Simple & Serene

People who love to wear minimal jewellery and want to exhibit a sense of soberness and class, fall into this category. Thin tennis bracelets, modern design earrings, small pendant necklaces are your go to. You probably believe, ‘less is more’ and want to make a statement without saying much. You choose ‘class and elegance’ over ‘swag and shout’.

You’re the kind of person who loves minimalism and finds beauty in the smallest things in life.


The Fun Bun

Do you like big hoop earrings? Jewellery studded with colourful gemstones? Do you experiment a lot with your jewellery? If yes, you fall in this category. You have a very jolly aura and you are a happy-happy person. This trait makes you creative and gives you the ability to think out of the box. You love to try out different things and love to be trendy. You love the attention that you deserve and you know just how to get it.


The Trendsetter

The first sign that you are the trendsetter is you are reading this blog. Jokes aside, but you LOVE to read about fashion. You actually take time out from your busy schedule and read about the latest fashion. Your jewellery is a mix bag of different jewellery that you love; be it long necklaces or fancy bangles. You don’t care much about public opinion which exhibits your carefree attitude towards life.

Luxury Lover

Brands. You care, love, wear brands and brands only. You only buy branded jewellery. Your jewellery box has some big names in the industry. You sort out your jewellery, have different boxes, plastic bags for different jewellery. This shows that you are a sophisticated person and you care about your stature in society. Being organised and sorted is in your blood and it shows, obviously. 

The Nostalgic

Antique jewellery over everything is your motto. Brands aren’t an issue for you in fact you prefer old rustic vintage looking oxidised jewellery. As a person you’re mysterious and interesting. You probably don’t open up to a lot of people but when you do you have got gallons of talks to shower on them, making you an exceptional conversationalist.


Miss Minimalist

You choose to wear modern jewellery with less intricate work and looks delicate and sober. You don’t like to bling yourself up with a billion diamonds just to pull attention from the people but you know just what to do with minimum jewellery to get that attention unintentionally. This shows that you have got a ‘nothing to prove’ kind of attitude and you are an open minded person.


Down ‘with’ the Earth

Your jewellery has elements of nature in them. You love resort jewellry or jewellery that has shells or beads. This shows that you appreciate nature and love the planet a bit more than others. You are probably an outgoing person and love travelling to places to find an escape from your routine.

There you go, now you know what aura you put out with your jewellery. Always remember, no matter what jewelry you wear and what it says about you you always look beautiful and slay like a queen!

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