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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
rock-this-wedding-season-with-fashion-jewellery-under-rs-1500 Saaj

Rock this Wedding Season with Fashion Jewellery Under Rs.1500.

The wedding season is upon us and we get to live our dreams of dressing up and dazzling everyone! Even if you’re not the bride, as a guest or a bridesmaid  you do have to up your game and look fab to have a gala time & for those Instagram pictures ;) 

With a zillion weddings, sangeets, mehendis and receptions to attend  you can’t buy a whole new wardrobe! But we know the right accessories can change your look totes for the same outfit multiple times!

What if I tell you, you can get wedding jewellery  for your very many wedding events & looks for under Rs. 1500? And it will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost?

Jewellery accessories for under Rs.1500 at Saaj:

Rajasthani Nath

Look like a Rajput Princess when you wear this Rajputi Nath. 

Rajasthani Nath at Saaj Under Rs.1500

Pearl Earcuffs

Pair it with these Pearl Earcuffs & an Anarkali or a simplistic embroidered saree and princess vibes on point!

Pearl Ear-cuffs at Saaj Under Rs.1500


The effortless and understated accessory of all are Bracelets.They come in a variety of Designs, styles and patterns. There’s one for every one.Whatever your style, we got bomb bracelets for you in varied price ranges for wedding jewellery worthy bracelets.

This simplistic Red stone moti bracelet is a steal for just Rs. 400.

Red Stone Bracelet At Saaj Under Rs.1500

If you want to splurge a bit more, this Diamond and Red stone bracelet for Rs. 800 should work well with your Mehendi look!Diamond and Red stone bracelet at Saaj Under Rs.1500

Pendant Set

Less is More. If that is your mantra, fret not. These light yet intricate peacock designed pendant sets are to your rescue. Just loop the pendant into a simple chain and you got yourself a whole minimalistic jewellery set all for Rs.1000.

peacock designed pendant sets at Saaj Under Rs.1500

This winter wedding season look like an elegant princess wearing this American white diamonds and blue stone pendant set.

American white diamonds and blue stone pendant set At Saaj Under Rs.1500Bangles

Bangles are said to have an auspicious vibe and look darn gorgeous too. If you have your jewellery set for wedding events you’re attending, add these Yellow Stone and American Diamonds bangle set to your set, and glow like the sun in a budget. Yep, these cost you merely Rs. 1360.

Yellow Stone and American Diamonds bangle Under Rs.1500

If pearls are your go to pieces, this timeless moti bangle pair is what you need to add to your cart for Rs. 800. 

Moti Bangles at Saaj Under Rs.1500


You’re an angel, wear your halo around your finger! Rings give that extra edge to your Instagram Portrait posts. Be a fashion icon and rock the wedding season.

Won’t this shimmering ring make your face glow with dewy freshness? For just Rs.600.

American Diamond Ring At Saaj Under Rs.1500
  Kunan Ring At saaj Under Rs.1500

This statement Kundan Ring for the baraati dance is on point! It could be yours for Rs. 300. 


One can never have enough earrings. Wedding Jewellery holds a special space for wedding earrings. Adorn your ears with these Chandbali earrings(Rs.1120) and look like a timeless beauty! 

 Chandbali earrings At Saaj Under Rs.1500

Or these Earcuffs with that lehenga for the morning wedding you have to attend (Rs.1000) would surely look like flowers bedecking your ears.

 Earcuffs At Saaj Under Rs.1500 Under Rs.1500Necklaces

Being the fashionista you know, a statement Necklace can make or break your look. By wearing a necklace, the lazy princess in you can glam up in a hurry! 

From this emerald colored necklace to this blush pink set you’ll find a lot of options to choose from!

Green Stone Necklace At Saaj Under Rs.1500

Red & Green American diamond Necklace At Saaj Under Rs.1500

Take this Moti Guccha Necklace, its elegance personified and that too without costing you an arm and a leg! Adorn your neck with this necklace and let you tassels loose! You’ll surely make heads turn whichever wedding you attend.

Moti Guccha Necklace At Saaj Under Rs.1500

Christmas is around the corner, be merry and Christmas ready too, this wedding season with these glistening snow-like studded white and red stones crafted on this necklace.

Pink & White Stone Necklace Under Rs.1500

(It's a steal for Rs. 1300/-)

If you love diamonds, we got just the necklace you’ll love! Check this beautiful diamond neckpiece. We have many such necklaces. This one can be yours for Rs. 1500

American Diamond Necklace At Saaj Under Rs.1500

We have a truckload of artistic, trendy and ethnic Fashion jewellery at Saaj. 

Come, explore and be the showstopper at every wedding scene this wedding season!

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