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How to choose the Right Jewellery for Any Occasion

How to choose the Right Jewellery for Any Occasion

Jewellery has been an important part of human lifestyle since the stone age. Since ages, women have been fond of decorating themselves with jewellery to amplify their beauty. Jewellery not only adds charisma to the persona but also enhances one’s features. Jewellery has been used to show social status in society and stand out from the rest. From eggshells and seashells to gemstones and diamonds, jewellery has evolved with women and their choices. 
We understand how difficult it gets to pick the right jewellery to go with your outfit since there’s an ocean of variety to choose from. The key is to know, what to wear, how to wear, when to wear, where to wear, what not to wear, how not to wear, when not to wear, why and why not to wear.
There, there; we know its a lot to comprehend. We got you covered ladies. Here is the perfect go to list to look absolutely ravishing at every occasion you ‘Make An Appearance’ to.


Going out for a movie? Catching up with an old friend? Just a regular day at college? Metal jewellery is the go-to jewellery always. Wear something minimal, simple and decent. Your regular jewellery should not be too big or showy. You can wear small diamond earrings with a small gemstone or just wear simple studs and pair them with a thin silver necklace.

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Do not go for fancy jewellery as it may make you look odd and out of place. A tennis bracelet or a small ring can also add charm to your outfit. 


Nope, not your office meets. Formal occasions are weddings, get-togethers, galas, etc. For such occasions, you have to choose fancy yet elegant jewellery.


You can pull out your most expensive pieces of diamonds you got and show off, but it's better to keep it a bit of a low profile. You want people to look at you, not distract them with your jewellery. A small necklace with a long pendant can look luxurious on your skin.

 Pair it with a set of long earrings and you are all set. Show off your wedding rings and engagement rings at such occasions. Wear a watch with a small dial that will match your outfit, or thick bracelets will also look classy with your extravagant outfits. If you are attending a traditional wedding go for traditional jewellery. 


Birthdays, farewells, clubbing, cocktail parties; the best thing about parties is you can be yourself, go all out and wear whatever you want. You don’t have to care if it’s a little big, small, thick, thin, broad, sparkly or dull just wear it all with confidence and be the showstopper. Although there are some guidelines that you can follow and look perfect than you already are. Wear one or two pieces of jewellery. A colorful bead necklace and a kada or a thick bracelet will accent your outfit and will make you look chill and party-ready always.



A regular day at the office, business meets, office parties are considered as professional occasions. Keep it subtle in office environments. Avoid wearing anything that’s too heavy or shiny as it may leave a bad impression. Go with metal jewellery and small gemstones; something less distracting for you and others. You can wear stud earrings and pair it with a necklace having a tiny pendant. 


Not only will it look sleek and tidy but will also make you look professional. As of bracelets, do not wear clunky noisy ones, as it may distract you while working or typing on a computer. Instead choose a thin strap wrist watch or a thin simple bracelet.

(Side note: You can wear fancy jewellery if you work in a creative field and not a corporate environment. But don’t wear something that would distract your coworkers like glass bangles)

Now you know how to dress up for every occasion you attend, thank us later. Follow these ground rules and we are sure you’ll turn heads at every occasion. Visit us at Saaj to browse through a variety of jewellery to suit your style.

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