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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

With Valentine’s day around the corner, being a good partner, you have started thinking of ways to make this day special for your lady. A romantic getaway or breakfast, lunch & dinner at her favourite places or making a personalized album/video/calendar or taking the day the day off and going on a trek and having a picnic lunch are great gift ideas, surly. But presenting Jewellery as Valentine’s gift is a classic gentleman’s suave.

Gifting elegant pieces of jewellery is not the limit here. Depending on what your gal’s style, you can gift jewellery as per her liking. Having a gift she can use later, would remind her of you whenever she adorns herself with the bespoke pieces of jewellery.

Here’s a varied list of best Valentine’s day Gift jewellery ideas for her!

Happy Feet – Oxidised Payal


Does your girl love to twirl? Get her this oxidised payal and watch her swoon over you again with a sprint in her steps!

Classic Arrow Across Heart - Pendant Set


A true-blue romantic would love this dainty pendant set.

Golden Funky Shimmer – Oxidised Jhumkis


Oxidised Jhumkis are old news, get a pair of funky golden oxidised Jhumkis for your fierce princess.

Double Decker – 2 layered (Pearl & Diamond) Necklace


2 layered of timeless classics- a pearl and a diamond pendant intervened into a sleek necklace. She will wear this to work every day for sure.

Colour Pop – Vibrant beaded Necklace


If your girl loves colours she will definitely fall for this beaded piece of beauty. Fun, vibrant & full of life, this necklace is for your free spirited Valentine.

Glistening Snow & fire - Red & White Studded Stone Necklace Set


When you’ve been together long enough, keep the spark alive with this snow kissed studded necklace set.

Pearly drops – Pearl Earrings


Pearls symbolise innocence & a pure heart. Pearl drop earrings, which your special someone can wear from office to a party.

White Angel - Stud Earring


American diamond stud earrings, there’s nothing better for your angelic Valentine this year.

Clinking delights – Ghunghru Bracelet


Envelope her graceful wrists with ghunghru bracelets for an added oomph.

Heart Halo - Heart Shaped Diamond Ring


A heart shaped ring which has an adjustable halo band for your Valentine. Give her your heart with this beautiful ring.

Hadn’t we said you will find that special jewellery piece for your Valentine. You can find all these exquisite pieces and more only at Happy Valentine’s Day!

How do you plan to make this Valentines Day special? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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