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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10
An introduction to all types of Jewellery at Saaj - Necklaces

An introduction to all types of Jewellery at Saaj - Necklaces

A handpicked collection of Fashion Jewellery! 

Saaj is a trademarked brand-name owned by Takle Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. created to serve the needs of the online consumer for high quality and fairly priced imitation jewellery. Wide variety in all types of jewellery at a reasonable price is the very core of Saaj. In order to give that choice to our consumers, we have created seven distinctive categories that would surely accommodate all types of jewellery they would like to own. These include Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bangles, Mangalsutra Bracelets and accessories just for the right occasion. 

Necklaces form the major part of all types of jewellery and thus are featured first of all the different types of jewellery, Necklaces are the one thing that finds a place in almost every woman’s Jewellery Box. The simple reason behind this is versatility, the very concept of variety comes from the many types of necklaces that have evolved from the prehistoric era. Check out this beautiful Prehistoric Neckpiece made out of natural materials such as features, bones and shells.

Prehistoric-Neckpiece-SaajNow, we know no matter how beautiful this timeless piece of neckwear is, it is no match to the varieties in design and material that are available today. That’s why we give you an option to apply numerous filters when you shop at Saaj. These filters not just feature the Finish and Length of the necklace but also the occasion on which it can be worn. Additionally, necklaces can also be filtered on the type of studding they have i.e. American diamond or Coloured Stone.


Necklaces are offered in various finishes like Beads, Kundan, Moti, Oxidized, Plain Gold, Plain Gold and Silver, Studded and Temple. While lengths offered include choker, long, medium and short. From daily wear to bridal all types of occasions are covered so that choosing the right necklace is extremely easy.


Bridal Necklaces - Indian brides choose to wear heavy jewellery especially during the reception ceremony. Saaj has a specially curated section for Bridal jewellery and this perfect Dulhan full necklace set is just right for you or someone you know who’s just about to get married.

Don’t you think this would make a perfect evening necklace even today? Tell us your answers in the comments below.

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