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The weekends are all about Organising your Jewellery!

The weekends are all about Organising your Jewellery!

The worst nightmare for any of us would be the one where we misplace our favourite jewellery or worse if you just lose a part of that jewellery, like missing an earring out of a set that we bought on a special occasion or a precious gift or also the occasional impulse buy that we hold ‘oh so dear!’ to our hearts. How do you make sure this does not happen?


That is true. We know you knew the answer. We also know how tough it is to find the best way to organise our precious jewellery. So here are a few ways we could think of to make your lives easier!

Stack Them Up

You can most certainly ensure that your jewellery is underused or lost if it is stacked properly. Earrings can be put on the earring holders that are easily available in the market and necklaces can be put on such organisers. Not only does this make your jewellery more accessible to you, but it also adds that colour to your bedroom or wardrobe. You can try and create an earring caddy by the countless videos available on YouTube and even on WikiHow. For your bracelets and bangles, you can choose to buy one these stackers or simply build one by using bottles and a wooden rack. This will surely add an artistic feel to the room.

Source- thehappyhousie.porch

Pin it On the Wall

You can buy a ready-made wall hanger or strategically place some pushpins on your dressing area wall to accommodate those quirky, colourful necklaces. You can also customize your own jewellery cabinet with paint, patterned fabric and some hooks. It can hold your necklaces, earrings and the piling up bracelets. However, it’s not the best idea to put your valuable jewellery that’s articulated with precious stones and metal out on display.

Source- i.etsystatic

Get those Jewellery boxes out!

Invest in a good jewellery box that is sturdy and has transparent covers in order to identify your valuable jewellery easily. You cannot go wrong with this old fashioned trick of organizing the jewellery the right way. Boxes with several different compartments in them so that your jewellery doesn’t get tangled should be the ideal goal when you decide to buy a new jewellery box. You can also buy separate boxes and categories your jewellery according to the occasion. Your traditional and daily wear jewellery definitely deserve separate boxes, don’t they?

Source- westelm

Prioritize your jewellery

To make everyday routine hassle-free or struggle free you can place your daily-wear in a shallow bowl or a fancy tray on your bedside tabletop. This will surely give you easy access to it without having to fumble and struggle in the morning to find your favourite ring and jewellery. This also saves a huge amount of time and makes your tasks a lot easier and helps you stay on top of the game.

Source- hometalk

Protect your ‘Precious’ 

It is so important to keep your special jewellery hidden away for that special occasion. We cannot stress this enough. Always protect your precious jewellery and store it in little pouches that can be hidden or locked away in safes for protection until the right opportunity arises. Also storing them in the right place which is dry and cool maintains the jewellery and reduces chances of oxidation. Keeping your jewellery in top condition to flaunt it when the time is just right!

Source- in.pinterest

This was our take on how to organise your jewellery to get it right and protect it and ensure to find it at the right time and at the right place. We are pretty sure there are many other ways to do these things, what essentially matters is how we protect and organise our jewellery to make our lives incredibly easier.

Wish you all the luck!

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