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How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

You’ve decided to propose your significant other, asked her hand in marriage from her folks (cause you’re classy that way), planned the perfect proposal; the only thing remaining is the engagement ring!

Of course, you’ve been thinking about it since forever, and still are a bit clueless on which ring to get her which can compliment her angelic being. If you plan on a surprise proposal, you will need the help of friends, family for the trusted ring size, but which metal, which stone, which cut, which type of ring will differ from bride to bride.

It is a bit overwhelming, but fret not. We’re here to help you decide which ring would be perfect for your Ms. Perfect. 

Let us describe the types of engagement rings:-

Tiffany fit

Tiffany & Co. trademarked a scientific solitaire six-prong setting, which maximises light reflection on the gem-stone (usually diamond). Prong setting is another type which is prongs holding your gemstone in place. This is a class apart niche design ring. If your girl is all about classic beauty do get her this ring, make sure you know her Favorited stone, some women don’t like diamonds.

Cathedral Elegance

Cathedral rings have the poise of a cathedral, use of arches is made to showcase the centerpiece of gemstone. A bit of historian & loving traditions sound like your partner? They will definitely love this ring!

Pave the way

Pave the way for the dainty queen. Tiny precious gems are placed into the ring’s band, showing a path of gems. This style can add to your plain jane ring. Get this for your queen today.

Halo for your angel

An ethereal design of brilliance. A halo of small diamonds surrounds your center of attention gemstone. This ensures your gemstone sparkles like a star & ups the swag quotient for your girl! Halo design ring for your fashion forward partner!

Cluster of love

A smart way of depicting a larger diamond by clustering smaller ones together. Cluster of diamonds is a cluster of your cherished moments together. You can make different designs with this too. If your person is artistic she will love this one.

Past, Present & Future

A three-stone setting signifies your past, present & future as a couple. This is a symbolic representation of your life together. For a sentimental & sensitive gal, this ring will hold true meaning.

Always - infinity style

A ring shaped with infinity sign to define a love which is everlasting & infinite. If she is your Always, with an eye for detail she will love this symbolism in her ring for sure.

Flush of blush

A flush setting, sets your diamond/gemstone into a hole in the band. It is a very practical design for the women who are always on the move. It is also known as a gypsy setting, allowing you to work while being stylish. For your working diva, this is the perfect engagement ring.

Bombe for da Bomb

A bombe engagement ring has gemstones studded into a raised dome. This ring is for the bomb of a lady who loves luxury.

Classic Bezel

Instead of prongs, a bezel setting is also used. A bezel setting is where the gemstones sit into the metal, rather than being held by arches or prongs. A classic, solid design for a sturdy ring.

Ring it on!

Congratulations in advance. Be it a Tiffany style or Classic Bezel whatever your pick, we hope your partner loves it and you have a happy life ahead!

Let us know in the comments section if you have any more queries on engagement rings.

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