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Get 10% discount on your first order! Use promo code First10

An introduction to all types of Jewellery at Saaj – Mangalsutra

Mangalyam tantunanena mama jivana hethuna, Kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam

Out of all types of jewellery, Mangalsutra is arguably the most important. Mangalsutra which literally means auspicious thread, is black beaded necklace worn with pride by married women in India. At Saaj, we understand the importance of a Mangalsutra for you. That’s why we have various types of Mangalsutra for you to choose from. Getting married is an important milestone in your life. A new chapter in your life calls for new jewellery too! When you have different accessories for different outfits, why the same mangalsutra for them all? We have different types of Mangalsutra which match everything; right from your everyday look, party look or even your festive look...
Let’s take a look at the types of Mangalsutra we have curated for you:
1. Studded Mangalsutra Design
      Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Keeping the latest trend of wearing Diamond Jewellery, from a gamut of all types of jewellery, we have a filter specifically for studded mangalsutra design. Wherein you have a variety of the latest mangalsutra design, ranging from different-sized pendants, to different studs like red & green stone and Mangalsutra sets too! 
2. Plain Gold Design
      Bling is in. You want to go all glittering gold? You’ve come to the right place. We have Patti mangalsutra, Chandrakor Black Mani Mangalsutra to name a few. Plain gold mangalsutras are statement necklace pieces which can make even a plain jane Kurti look queenlike. Let the royalty in you shine unapologetically. Out of the innumerable adornments and all types of jewellery a married woman possesses, a gold mangalsutra is a niche above the rest.
3. Kundan Design
      You don’t have to be a Rajasthani or Gujarati to want all types of jewellery adorned with Kundan. It is the middle ground between Gold & Diamond Jewellery. We do have Kundan Mangalsutras as well. Check out the Kundan design mangalsutra and buy one today. 
4. Temple Design
      Temple Jewellery was originally used to adorn the Indian Gods and Goddesses. They were worn by the temple dancers, classical dancers and royalty alike, later on. Over the years, Temple Jewellery has become synonymous with Wedding jewellery gifted to the daughter by her parents when she gets married. Temple jewellery is believed to be auspicious and holy out of all types of jewellery. Feel like a goddess when you adorn Temple Design Mangalsutra. Be it the intricate Red Stone Blossom Pendant Mangalsutra or the holy Red & Green Stone Laxmi Temple Mangalsutra.
5. Traditional Mangalsutra
      A traditional mangalsutra beats All types of jewellery Be a desi girl, sport a mangalsutra from our range of traditional mangalsutras for a totes desi look.
6. Daily wear Mangalsutra
      Wearing a mangalsutra daily, is a choice married women make wilfully. We have a filter for Daily wear mangalsutra in the types of mangalsutra as well. It is not possible for everyone to wear all types of jewellery on a daily basis. A daily wear mangalsutra comes to the rescue as it is a single piece of jewellery anyone can easily wear.
We have made sure, you get just as much choice in types of mangalsutra as you do in other jewellery pieces. Embarking on this new chapter of your life, we hope you find the right mangalsutra from our range of varied types of mangalsutra, which suit your personality aptly.
Do check out all types of jewellery we have to offer, We promise, you will surely love the collection. Let us know in the comments section down below all types of jewellery you already possess and would like to add to your collection, as you can never have enough pieces of jewellery ;).
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